Mouse Omega VARR Gaming 1200-6400DPI RGB USB

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Mouse Omega VARR Gaming 1200-6400DPI RGB USB

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A powerful wired mouse for enthusiasts. The special coating of the mouse allows a firm grip and prevents sweating of the hand even during the most difficult games. The user has 4 sensitivity modes available – from 1000 dpi to 6400 dpi.

The VARR VGMB03 mouse can work in four sensitivity modes – from 1000 to 6400 DPI, making it suitable for everyone’s needs. It is prepared for demanding gaming games, but can be successfully used for normal work on a laptop.

The contoured shape fits the hand well, making the operation comfortable also during intensive work. The coating on the upper part of the device ensures a firm grip and prevents sweating of the hands. The unique design goes well with other gaming computer components.
The device has 7 function buttons, thanks to which the game will become even easier and smooth. RGB backlight will add uniqueness to use and will perfectly match the mood of intense gameplay.

Gaming mouse with RGB backlight
Interface type: USB
Size: 129 * 66 * 41 mm
Number of buttons: 7
Chip: SPCP 190
Resolution: 1000-1600-3200-6400 DPI
Operating voltage: 5 V
Service life: 5,000,000 times
Cable length: 1.5m

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