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For all products, we will do our best to have a photo available, as an illustration of the appearance and shape of the product.

E-PICK reserves the right to disclose names, models and other information about the product in English when:

  • There is a risk of losing important information during the translation
  • There is no same or similar terminology in the other language.

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All products purchased from GALAMINO DOOEL Skopje are under warranty. For certain products, the warranty listed on the website is limited. For those products, the warranty that comes with those products is valid due to the appropriate agreements concluded with the importers and / or distributors of the products. The regulations listed on this website do not apply to those products.

I General conditions

  1. The consumer has the right to reclaim if the product does not work as planned,
  2. After noticing a defect in the product, the consumer is obliged to inform it as soon as possible.

    II Consumer rights arising from the mandatory warranty

  3. The rights listed below may be exercised within the warranty period.
  4. The warranty period starts from the day the product is delivered to the consumer
  5. In case of malfunction, the Merchant or the Server shall be obliged to eliminate the defect within 30 days from the day of receipt of the service request by the consumer.
  6. In case of malfunction of the product if it is not repaired, the consumer has the right to request replacement of the same, new, and correct product or new and correct product equivalent to the characteristics of the old product, except in cases when the fulfillment of the product chosen by the consumer is impossible, or when it would result in disproportionately larger expenses of the Merchant, compared to another product. This takes into account the condition of the product, the degree of non-compliance with the contract and the problems caused by the Merchant or the service provider, when fulfilling the guarantee borrowing.
  7. In case the defect is not removed according to the points in points 3 and 4 above, the consumer according to the law of choice may request a proportional reduction of the price, replacement of the product with a new one or terminate the contract. The consumer has no right to terminate the contract in case of insignificant defect of the product.
  8. The trader or the service technician is obliged to perform the replacement or repair in a way that it will be in accordance with the characteristics and properties of the product, within the warranty period and without them causing significant problems to the consumer.
  9. The consumer has the legal rights arising from the national legislation and the same rights are not endangered by this guarantee.

    III Registration of reclaims
    The consumer can submit reclaims to the Merchant or contact the Service Centers directly.

IV Cases where the warranty may be invalid

  1. The guarantee will not be valid in case of:
    • physical damage to the product;
    • water exposure for products that do not have IP65 protection or higher;
    • improperly connected to the mains;
    • use a variable power supply for products that are not designed for that mode of operation.
    • any actions or repairs that have caused a malfunction, mechanical damage or malfunction, and have not been performed by an authorized service center.
  2. The guarantee will not be valid if the defect (damage) occurred as a result of the consumer not complying with the rules of use, listed in the instructions for use of the product.
  3. When submitting an advertisement, the consumer is obliged to submit the fiscal invoice for the product or the issued invoice.
  4. If for the above reasons defects and damages occur, servicing is at the expense of the consumer, even when it is done for the duration of the warranty period.

    Shiping Policy
    When receiving the product, the recipient is obliged to check the product for possible damage during transport and to check for possible shortage of a part (if the product is composed of several parts). If a defect is found, the recipient is obliged to report the defect immediately.

Before delivery of the product, the buyer can be contacted by phone for the time and day of delivery.
• The method, cost and time required for delivery will be stated before the products are collected, and will be calculated depending on the distance from the warehouse location to the customer’s destination.
• The maximum delivery time from local warehouse cannot be more than 3 working days from the moment of making the order or more than a 30 days to other continents.
• If the order is made after 5 pm then the delivery period starts running from the next business day.
• If the order is made on a non-working day, the deadline starts from the first working day.
• Non-working days are not calculated within the delivery deadline.
• E-PICK reserves the right to extend the delivery period without notifying the buyer no later than 45 days from the moment of ordering.
• If there is a delay in delivery, E-PICK does not bear any responsibility if the delay is caused by the company engaged in delivering the goods.

The product, which is unpacked and unused, can be returned within 7 days, together with the attached invoice, consignment note and other accompanying documents submitted during the delivery and you can replace it with a new one.

In case you request a refund, you can do so only if you return the product unused in the original packaging, with the invoice and consignment note and other accompanying documents submitted during the delivery within 7 days of receipt of the product. The money will be transferred to the same bank account you used when paying for the product.

E-PICK reserves the right to change its product and cash return policy. All revisions or changes will take effect immediately upon publication on the E-PICK website.

Replacement of the product with appropriate quality is done if the product has not been used, if the appearance of the product, usable properties, seals, factory labels, as well with submit account receipt that were issued to the consumer together with the product.

If at the time of submitting the request by the consumer the trader does not have a suitable product (product that will suit his needs), the consumer has the right to choose:

  • to terminate the contract and request a refund of the amount paid or
  • replace the product with a suitable one when there is such a product.

The trader is obliged to notify the consumer requesting the replacement of the product that there is such a product for sale within a period which may not exceed 30 days from the date of receipt of the request.