UPS Armac Office 1500VA 950W 230V, 3xSchuko/ LCD/Metal Case

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UPS Armac Office 1500VA 950W 230V, 3xSchuko/ LCD/Metal Case

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Features for plug type E: Rated power 1500VA
Top-Line (VI) topology
3x 230V Schuko socket, 2x RJ-45 (input / output)
Built-in LCD display
Simulated sine wave
Easy to use (no user-serviceable parts)
Automatic start when mains power returns
Battery mute function
Charging in Stand-By mode
Overload, short circuit and discharge protection
RJ-45 surge protection
Built-in automatic voltage stabilization (AVR)
SMD technology for easy assembly
Microprocessor control for high performance
Self test every start of the device
Wide input voltage range
Dedicated PowerManager control software *
USB communication port **
Elegant office design

Additional information
Input voltage: 145 VAC ~ 290 VAC
Output voltage: 195 VAC ~ 255 VAC
Output wave shape: Simulated sine wave
Output frequency: 50hz
Battery classification: 12V 9Ah x2
Battery charging time: 4 ~ 6 hours to 90% battery capacity
Hold time: 3 ~ 20 minutes depending on the load
Battery weight: 4,7kg
Noise level: less than 45dB
Working temperature: 0 ~ 45 degrees C.
Humidity: 10 to 90% non-condensing
Monitoring software: PowerManager
Dimensions (mm) LxWxH: 350x120x188
Weight: 11,2kg
Working conditions: inside

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