Telescope National Geographic N 76/350 Solar AZ

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Telescope National Geographic N 76/350 Solar AZ

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Thus the observation of the sun is a safe pleasure with this telescope!

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Type: Reflector
Type of build: Newton
Aperture (mm): 76
Focal length (mm): 350
Aperture ratio (f/): 4,6
Resolving capacity: 1,82
Limit value (mag): 11,2
Light gathering capacity: 120
Max. useful magnification: 152

Main mirror?s construction: spherical
Adjustable: No

Type of build: Gear rack
Connection (to eyepiece): 1,25″
Gear reduction: Without

Type of build: AZ-1
Mounting type: Azimuthal
Motors: No
GoTo control: No

Type: Tripod
Accessory plate: Yes

Included accessories
1.25” eyepieces: 4mm, 20mm
Barlow Lens: 2x
Finder scope: Without
Camera adaptor: Smartphone
Solar Filters: Yes

Total weight (kg): 2
Colour: Black

Area of application
Astrophotography: No
Moon & Planets: Yes
Nature Observation: No
Nebulae & galaxies: Yes
Sun: Yes

Recommended for
Beginners: Yes
Advanced: No
Observatories: No

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