Telescope National Geographic AC 70/400 AR-App

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Telescope National Geographic AC 70/400 AR-App

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Children’s telescope with AR app for easy introduction to astronomy

Thanks to the 3 different eyepieces with 20x, 50x and 100x magnification, you can quite literally reach for the stars. If that’s not enough, you can use the Barlow lens to triple each magnification level. The set also comes with a great accessory to introduce you to the world of astrophotography: With the eyepiece smartphone adapter, you can take stunning photos of the moon, planets and other celestial objects and share your discoveries from the night sky with your parents, siblings or friends.

Take your observations to the next level with your smartphone

You don’t have to worry about finding objects yourself – the augmented reality app will guide you through the night sky. After setting up the AR app, simply attach your smartphone the smartphone adapter on the children’s telescope. In AR mode, your smartphone will display the names and images of the constellations at which your telescope is currently pointing, allowing you to navigate easily between planets and constellations and discover interesting objects. With the augmented reality photo function, you can take a few snapshots before taking a proper look through the eyepiece.

Children’s telescope with AR app for astronomical learning

The app also has lots of images, audio and text – go to the constellation encyclopedia to read about the Greek gods after which the constellations are named, or read the solar system encyclopedia to find out more about the planets that travel around the sun together with the earth. After making your first discoveries with the children’s telescope, you can take a quiz to test your knowledge of the constellations. Learning has never been such fun!

Type: Refractor
Type of build: Achromat
Aperture (mm): 70
Focal length (mm): 400
Aperture ratio (f/): 5,7
Resolving capacity: 1,64
Limit value (mag): 11
Light gathering capacity: 100
Max. useful magnification: 140
Tube construction: Full tube

Type of build: Gear rack
Connection ( to eyepiece): 1,25″

Mounting type: Azimuthal
Type of build: AZ-Mini
GoTo control: No

Type: Tripod
Material: Aluminium

Included accessories
1.25” eyepieces: 20mm, 8mm, 4mm
Finder scope: without
Carrying bag: Yes
Camera adaptor: Smartphone
Deviating optics: Mirror star diagonal, 1.25″, 45°
Barlow Lens: 3x

Area of application
Moon & Planets: Yes
Nebulae & galaxies: Yes
Nature Observation: YNo
Astrophotography: No
Sun: no (Only with appropriate Sun filter)

Recommended for
Beginners: Yes
Advanced: No
Observatories: No

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