Telescope Dobson Omegon N 102/640 DOB

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Telescope Dobson Omegon N 102/640 DOB

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Omegon 102/640 Dobsonian telescope – a space-saving telescope for those who want to observe more than just the Moon.
Have you often tilted your head upwards and admired the starry night sky? For many people, there comes a point when they want to see more and to really explore the night sky. This Omegon table-top Dobsonian telescope makes taking that step easy and needs no prior knowledge. Turn your curiosity into observing fun.
• Newtonian telescope with 102mm aperture
• intuitive operation – with Dobsonian mount
• ready to use – telescope comes already assembled
• useful accessories – eyepieces
• LED finder scope

Powerful 102mm optics – for planets and deep sky objects
The powerful 102mm optics let you observe the Moon, but also the planets of our solar system. Discover the rings of Saturn or the cloud bands on the gas giant Jupiter for example.
The telescope collects 212 times more light than the unaided naked eye. So it lets you observe a range of nebulae that are not visible without a telescope. These objects lie outside the solar system and are often many light years away. Amongst these is the famous Orion Nebula, a nest full of young stars that have just started their lives.

Instantly ready to use – the telescope is already assembled
You don’t have to worry about assembling this telescope – you certainly have better things to do. The telescope has already been fully assembled for you. So, if there’s a clear sky this evening, you’re ready for your first observing session!

Type: Reflector
Type of build: Newton
Aperture (mm): 102
Focal length (mm): 640
Aperture ratio (f/): 6,27
Max. useful magnification: 204
Tube construction: Full tube

Type of build: Gear rack
Connection (to eyepiece): 1,25″

Type of build: Dobson
Mounting type: Dobson
GoTo control: No

Material: Wood
Type: Rockerbox

Included accessories
1.25” eyepieces: F 20mm, F 6mm
Finder scope: 6×30
Barlow Lens: 3x

Total weight (kg): 5,5
Series: Basic
Special recommendation: Yes
Height (mm): 700

Area of application
Moon & Planets: Yes
Nebulae & galaxies: Yes
Nature Observation: Not recommended
Astrophotography Not recommended
Sun: Not recommended (Only with appropriate Sun filter)

Recommended for
Beginners: Yes
Advanced: No
Observatories: No

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