Speaker Trevi XF 1250 KB KARAOKE 90W w/Bluetooth, microSD, USB, AUX-IN, Trolley

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Speaker Trevi XF 1250 KB KARAOKE 90W w/Bluetooth, microSD, USB, AUX-IN, Trolley

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– Integrated MP3 file player via USB flash memory
– AUX IN stereo / Micro SD card input
– Input: microphone / dynamic microphone supplied
– Red LED display
– TWS function to wirelessly connect a second XF 1250 KB
– Bluetooth function: wireless music from all BT devices
– Volume, microphone and echo effect control
– High power 2-way bass reflex system
– 12 ”speaker + 1 high performance tweeter
– Audio power: 90W max
– Triple power supply: 9V 1,5A external power supply 230V ~ 50Hz provided
– Internal rechargeable battery 12V 3600 mA
– 12V input for auxiliary battery connection

Trevi XFest XF 1250 KB is a versatile high-power amplified speaker, ideal for animating parties and karaoke evenings. It can be transported comfortably thanks to the trolley system with extendable handle and double side handles and is also designed for installation and fixing on 40 mm pole supports.

Trevi’s portable speaker is equipped with an integrated MP3 file player, direct USB, MicroSD and AUX-IN inputs and a microphone input. Through Bluetooth wireless connection, you can use it to listen to music without wires from all compatible devices and, through theTWS function (True Wireless Stereo), you can pair the speaker to a second XF 1250 KB and increase the total listening volume. Alternatively, you can use the AUX-OUT output for a multiple connection with other speakers from the XFest range.

Enjoy singing, alone or in company, to the notes of your favorite songs thanks to the Karaoke function and the dynamic microphone with cable supplied, animating your performances with the multicolor Discolight led lights.

XFest 90W Trevi XF 1250 KB Amplified Loudspeaker can be powered by a power cable , internal rechargeable battery orauxiliary battery connectable to the 12V input.

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