Speaker Trevi Bluetooth XR 8A25 15W White

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Speaker Trevi Bluetooth XR 8A25 15W White

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– Clear Sound speaker with two passive woofers
– Bluetooth connection
– Disco Light woofer lighting
– MP3 player from USB and Micro SD card (not supplied)
– AUX-IN input
– TWS function for wireless connection of 2 BT speakers
– Convenient carrying rope
– Volume / Play / Pause control
– Built-in microphone hands-free responder
– Power 14W + passive woofer
– Power supply: High capacity rechargeable lithium battery

With the Discolight Trevi XR 8A25 Amplified Bluetooth Speaker, from the XR JUMP line, you can listen to wireless music from all devices equipped with a Bluetooth connection.

Trevi’s portable speaker reads Mp3 files from USB sticks, Micro SD cards (not supplied) and AUX-IN input. Equipped with a built-in microphone, you can also use it as a hands-free responder and thus carry out your telephone conversations hands-free.

Thanks to the interesting TWS (True Wireless Stereo) function, using the Bluetooth connection, you can wirelessly connect two XR 8A25 speakers and thus increase the total listening volume.

The Discolight Trevi XR 8A25 Amplified Bluetooth Speaker is powered by a lithium battery , rechargeable via the micro-USB port.

More Info: https://www.trevi.it/catalog/ENG/articolo/227-portable-speakers/gitpfpjavm-xr-8a25-altopamplif15w-bt-bianco.html

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