Speaker Tracer Splash BT S Green

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Speaker Tracer Splash BT S Green

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Bluetooth: 5.1
Work time on battery (min): 300
RMS power set (W): 5
Transfer band (Hz – kHz): 100 – 20
Phone output: no
Power supply (V): USB port
Remote control: No
MicroSD: Yes
Water resistance class: IPX5

The Tracer Splash is a great option for music lovers who like to listen to it outdoors. Using the Tracer Splash speaker, you may enjoy fantastic sound when watching a movie on your smartphone or tablet with your friends. Enhance the sound from your mobile devices.

• Modern TWS technology – pair up the speakers and enjoy flawless sound.
• Wireless and quick Bluetooth connection – no more ‘cable spaghettis’.
• Durable battery – 5 long hours of music.
• Degree of protection IPX5 – perfect for your trips to the lakeshore.
• Compact design.

TWS technology
The True Wireless Stereo technology allows you to pair up several speakers. Use Bluetooth to create one, powerful Stereo set and enjoy perfect sound.

High-class water tightness
The Tracer Splash is watertight, which allows you to enjoy your favorite music on a beach or a boat. The degree of protection IPX5 ensures full protection from water splashed from different directions with flow rate of 12,5 liters per minute. Products with this degree of protection are perfect for sailing enthusiasts (water tightness in the rain or splashing water).

Compact design
Thanks to the compact design, you may take the speaker with you anywhere you want – on a trip, party, beach, or walk. Don’t let its lightweight structure and small size deceive you – it’s a powerful device that, combined with solid bass, will guarantee an awesome music experience.

Enjoy the comfort of Bluetooth function
Listen to your favorite music without limitations of constantly tangled cables. All you need to do is use Bluetooth function to connect the speaker to your mobile device – and you may enjoy the music.

Endless music thanks to a durable battery
The Tracer Splash speaker is equipped with a durable battery that allows you to listen to your favorite music continuously up to 5 long hours! Make your music experience great during meetings with your friends, without worrying about time limits.

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