Soundbar Trevi SB 8312 TV 2.0 Bluetooth, microSD Black

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Soundbar Trevi SB 8312 TV 2.0 Bluetooth, microSD Black

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– Thin and compact design
– Real effects and music
– Bluetooth® 5.0 +EDR
– USB input for MP3 files playback
– Micro SD slot for MP3 files playback
– AUX-IN stereo jack 3.5 mm input
– Buttons for playback/pause skip song MP3/Bluetooth
– Analogic volume control
– Automatic turn off with no signal
– Led blue backlight
– Power max: 30W
– Power supply:19V 1.5A
– external adapter 110-240V 50/60Hz

Trevi SB 8312 TV is a mini soundbar equipped with a 2.0 sound amplification system. It has a compact design and is designed for small and medium-sized televisions.

With the Trevi soundbar, via Bluetooth , USB , Micro SD up to 32GB and AUX-IN connection, you can realistically increase the volume of special effects, dialogues and music from all your compatible devices.

The Mini Soundbar 2.0 Trevi SB 8312 TV is equipped with dedicated buttons for control and, to save energy, it turns off by itself in the absence of a signal.

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