Notebook Power Adapter Tracer Universal 70W

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Notebook Power Adapter Tracer Universal 70W

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70W Tracer PrimeEnergy Laptop AC Adapter

High-quality, versatile computer accessories are indispensible to every notebook user. Do you often take your office laptop home to finish your projects or tasks? The Tracer PrimeEnergy power adapter is the perfect solution for you! It is more convenient to have an extra adapter at home. You can use the Tracer adapter anywhere; just plug it into the power socket and you can power your laptop – the device will automatically detect the connected notebook. The Tracer PrimeEnergy device is compatible with most notebook models available on the market.

• Compact size.
• Automatic laptop detection.
• Overvoltage protection.
• Power surge protection.
• Overload protection.
• Two removable connectors.
• Safety of use – power surge suppression.

Safety and ease of use
You can take this compact power adapter anywhere you go – it will allow you to quickly charge your laptop battery. The Tracer PrimeEnergy power supply is equipped with a number of advanced security features, including surge protection. Innovative connectors automatically adjust the transmitted voltage while preventing it from being accidentally changed, which could damage the connected device, so you don’t have to worry about your equipment’s safety.

More comfort, more mobility
Enjoy the versatile compatibility of the Tracer PrimeEnergy power adapter.

Maximum output power: 70
Power (W): 70
Input voltage: AC 100-240 V 50-60 Hz
Type of charger: Mains
Removable adapters: 8

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