Liquid Metal for Cooler Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut Extreme 1g

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Liquid Metal for Cooler Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut Extreme 1g

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The Conductonaut Extreme liquid metal heat transfer agent is the further development of Conductonaut and was developed for applications with maximum power density. As a gallium-based liquid metal, Conductonaut Extreme is a metallic alloy that is liquid at room temperature and therefore allows for the minimum possible layer thickness.

• Optimized thermal conductivity compared to conventional liquid metal
• Increased material compatibility
• Optimum application with metal needle
• Available in 1g or 5g syringes
• Attention: Electrically conductive!
• Do not come into contact with aluminum!

Conductonaut Extreme is technically not a thermal paste, as a paste is made up of liquid and solid particles. The disadvantage of a paste is the solid particles. The surfaces of the base plate of the CPU cooler and the CPU heat spreader are uneven at a microscopic level. A traditional thermal paste fills these imperfections unevenly. Since the solid particles are larger than the gaps caused by the bumps, more distance needs to be filled between the cooler and the heat spreader.

A heat-conducting agent in the form of liquid metal does not have this problem because it does not contain any “large” particles. This means that the surfaces of the CPU cooler and heat spreader are closer together. At the same time, liquid metal has a constant heat transfer, while the larger particles in pastes generally conduct heat better. Liquid metal is preferable to thermal paste, especially in applications with high amounts of energy.

Conductonaut Extreme is manufactured in compliance with the highest quality standards at our production site in Germany. The entire production chain is continuously monitored by our expertly trained staff. From testing the purity of the raw material to producing the liquid metal and filling to packaging, production is subject to multiple quality controls.

Conductonaut Extreme is recommended as a high-end product for experienced users who are looking for a solution with the best heat dissipation in a temperature range of over 8°C. We recommend applying Conductonaut Extreme to nickel-plated copper as this offers the best long-term stability.

Technical data
density: 6.29g/cm?
Application temperature* 17°C – 150°C
Operating temperatur**: -50°C – 200°C
Consistency*** fluid
Color: silver
Standard sizes: 1g, 5g
Strength: variable
Silicone based: no
Electrically conductive: Yes
Typical applications CPU, GPU, notebooks, IC

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