Game Nintendo – It Takes Two

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Game Nintendo – It Takes Two

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Game requires Download of at least 3GB. MicroSD Card recommended (sold separately). Storage requirements may change. See for more details.
Game may require Nintendo Online Membership for some features of the game. EU Region only.
For Couch co-op (local) Online Membership is not required.

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New to the Nintendo Switch: The adventure fans know and love has been optimised for the Nintendo Switch! You and a friend can play couch co-op with a pair of joy-cons or a controller per player, utilise local wireless play by connecting two Nintendo Switch consoles, or play online co-op with another Nintendo Switch player using Friend’s Pass.

Pure co-op perfection: Invite a friend to join for free with friend’s pass, and experience a thrilling adventure built purely for two. Choose from couch or online co-op with split-screen play and face ever-changing challenges where working together is the only way forward.

Gleefully disruptive gameplay: From rampaging vacuum cleaners to suave love gurus – with It Takes Two, you never know what you’re up against next. Filled with genre-bending challenges and new character abilities to master in every level, you’ll experience a metaphorical merging of gameplay and narrative that pushes the boundaries of interactive storytelling.

A universal tale of relationships: Discover a touching and heartfelt story of the challenges in getting along. Help Cody and May learn how to overcome their differences. Meet a diverse cast of strange and endearing characters. Join forces and go on an adventure you’ll treasure – together!

Game card.
For ages 12 years and over.
Nintendo switch compatible.
Nintendo switch OLED compatible.

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