Digital Tuner & Alarm Clock Trevi RC 821 D Black

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Digital Tuner & Alarm Clock Trevi RC 821 D Black

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– Electronic tuning
– Digital frequency indication
– FM PLL radio with 10 memories
– Programmable alarm clock with radio/ringer
– Programmable shutdown (SLEEP)
– Temporarily interrupting the alarm (SNOOZE)
– White LED display
– Power supply: 230V~50Hz
– Dimensions: 14(W) x 4.4(D) x 3.1(H) cm
– Weight: 0.303kg

The Trevi RC 821 D Electronic Clock Radio is the ideal device to avoid unpleasant delays in appointments, at school or at work.

With RC 821 D it is possible to program an alarm , which will be activated at the time of your choice with radio or ringtone and, thanks to the Snooze function, you can stop it momentarily. In addition, you can schedule your clock radio to switch off with the Sleep function.

The Trevi RC 821 D radio alarm clock is powered by a power cable and has a compartment for anti-blackout batteries.

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