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Ceil and Floor Systems

VIVAX COOL, air conditioners, ACP-18CT50AERI – inv. 5,28kW
Submitted Vivax air conditioning ACP-12CT35AERI? very popular because of its simple characteristics, exhaust? of air in green mode iodine from the lower side. The warm air, according to the law of physics, always rises from the room. why this office? the best application in the case of green vegetables? ? dnakvo or pov? ć? important as well as the cooling of the room. The nominal capacity of 3.52 kn in cooling and 3.81 kn in green give the possibility for installation? In large areas, which fulfills the current demands of the average family, while the N + Rg class a ++ in cooling and a + in greenery enables low-consumption electric energy. the active carbon filter and the dust filter enable clean air and the greases of the compressor and the condensate are highly usable during the green period. ? possible up to -15 ° C
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