Dear customers,

Our website is updated every 1-2 hours and the stock displayed is in accordance with the current state of the warehouse. If the product is marked “In Stock” then that product is available for purchase.


If the product is marked “Expected soon” then that product is not physically in stock and we expect it to arrive in the next period which can be a maximum of 30 days.

In that case you have two options:

Create your favorite product list (“Wishlist“), put the products for which you are interested in the list by clicking the heart sign next to the product and in your list choose which notifications you want to receive for those products (change of stock, price or promotion). The same moment when is any change for the product, the system will immediately notify you and you will have the opportunity to purchase the product.

Note: To use this feature, you need to open a free user account, log in to the system and enter the email to which you want to receive notifications (Read our privacy policy here).

If you want to buy the products through a Your company bank account and receive formal invoice, then in your list of favorite products, click on the “Ask For an Estimate” button:


In case of any other questions, you can contact us via our contact form here.