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DJI OSMO Action Camera RH

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DJI OSMO Action Camera RH

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(PN: CPOS0000002002)
• 2 Screens
One of the great advantages of this DJI Osmo Action is that it was designed with 2 screens: a rear touch screen with all built-in controls and a front screen, from which we can see what we are recording on the camera at all times. In addition, it can be controlled by voice, allowing a total use and that adapts to all situations. We can use the camera in a very simple way thanks to its voice controls and see at the same time everything you are enjoying. On the other hand, it allows a brutal recording quality, from 4K to 60 fps, so we can live again our adventures in a real quality, in bright colours.
• Video Stabiliser
New DJI Osmo Action is developed with DJI’s own electronic system, RockSteady, which offers a high quality stabiliSation. Make your adventures look more exciting with this system, which can stand up to GoPro’s Hypersmooth system, the system used by the world’s most renowned brand. Thanks to its bluetooth and its wi-fi connection, we can connect our phone, computer or tablet to the camera and send the videos easily or enjoy them anywhere. As for its battery, it has an autonomy of 63 minutes recording at maximum quality and with the RockSteady technology activated.
• Beautiful and Rugged
It has a compact and rugged design, similar to the well-known GoPro, but this action camera is compact in size and easy to use. It is an action camera resistant to dust and drops of up to 1.5 metres. It only weighs 134g and is waterproof up to 11m. In addition, it withstands low temperatures and up to 40 degrees, allowing it to be used both in the snow and in hot places like the desert. Enjoy more of your adventures!
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