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Adapter USB Type-C to HDMI Mediacom Black

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Adapter USB Type-C to HDMI Mediacom Black

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Plug and play USB Type-C to HDMI adapter, no external power supply and drivers needed.
This cable allows you to connect a device with Type-C output to an external display with HDMI connection, such as TVs, monitors, projectors, etc. The cable being compatible with almost all devices with external USB Type-C video interface, allows you to reproduce the screen on an external monitor.
Usable for meetings, presentations, parties, movie watching, gaming and any other occasion where you want to cast your device’s video on a bigger screen.
Input: Type-C
Output: High Definition Multimedia Interface female
Cable length: 120mm
Cable Type: Video
Interface Converter Supported Interface: HDMI / USB
Length: 12cm
Connector: USB-C 24 pin – male
Connector (second end): HDMI 19 pin Type A – female
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