Headset PDP LVL50 Wireless PS4/PS5 Gray

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Headset PDP LVL50 Wireless PS4/PS5 Gray


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The Enhanced Gaming Quality You Deserve
Stay at the top of your game and communicate clearly with your team with the PDP LVL50 Wireless Headset. Designed for competitive gaming, the PDP Wireless USB dongle plugs directly into the PS4 console for a simple set-up and has a range of 40 feet. Play at the top of your game and anticipate your enemy’s next move with crystal clear sound.
Unbeatable Comfort
With breathable nylon-mesh over-the-ear cushions and an adjustable lightweight headband, this headset keeps you comfortable during long gaming sessions.
Powerful & Dynamic Balanced Sound
This wireless stereo headset delivers dynamic sound through a pair of powerful 50mm High-Definition drivers. Make volume adjustments on the fly with convenient on-ear audio controls.
Quick Flip Mute
Hear your games the way you’re supposed to and make sure your commands are received loud and clear through the flexible noise-cancelling mic. Easily mute the microphone with the Quick Flip Mute by simply flipping up the mic boom.
Officially Licensed by Sony for PS4
Officially licensed, which means it underwent arduous testing to meet first-party quality standards and will hold up to thousands of hours of gaming


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