Headphones Trevi DJ 13E80 Bluetooth w/Active Noise Control Black

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Headphones Trevi DJ 13E80 Bluetooth w/Active Noise Control Black

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– ANC (Active Noise Control) external noise cancelling
-• Compatible with smartphones, Bluetooth V4.1
••- Clear and wide sound
-• Airplane adaptor included
-•• Built-in microphone
-•• LED function indicator
-•• Comfortable
-•• Direct key to accept the telephone call
-•• Aux-in external audio sources connections
-•• Rechargeable litihum battery through connection micro USB
-•• Weight: 223g
Trevi X-DJ 13E80 ANC is a Hi-Fi headphones from the clear and powerful sound, ideal for listening to music wirelessly from smartphones, PCs and tablets. Comfortable and lightweight, wraparound and rotary pavilions, will guarantee you optimum comfort during long sessions of use.
The Trevi Headset is equipped with ANC circuit (Active Noise Control) to effectively eliminate background noise and allow the complete immersion during playback of your favorite songs: you just need to activate or deactivate the function simply clicking the dedicated button located on ‘ device.
X-DJ 13E80 ANC has a folding headband to create smaller footprint and, thanks to the built-in microphone andDirect key to accept incoming calls , allows you to make hands-free phone conversations. The input AUX-IN , however, allows the wire connection with audio sources.
The DJ Headphone Hi-Fi Bluetooth with Noise Reduction Trevi X-DJ 13E80 ANC has a ‘ autonomy of about 10 hours with ANC and active BT and battery Lithium , rechargeable via USB , it has a charging time of about 3 hours.
Warranty: 12 months


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