Ice Maker

VIVAX HOME ice maker IM-122T
Vivax Ice Maker IM-122T is one of the most useful devices during the hot times. You can choose the size of the ice S (small) or L (large), which comes out bullet-shaped. The capacity of a 2.4 liter tank and production of up to 12 kilograms of ice per day, that is 9 cubes per 6-7 minute cycle, allows you to enjoy refreshing beverages all day long with your company. With the water level indicator in the tank, the ice level indicator in the tank, and the transparent lid at the top, you can see at any time how much ice you have, as well as watch how it creates. The exterior gray color of stainless steel brings a dose of glamor fitting easily into each room. The Ice Maker comes with ice basket and paddle for easier handling of ice.
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