Speakers Trevi AVX 575 Bluetooth 2.0 70W Wooden w/microSD Black

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Speakers Trevi AVX 575 Bluetooth 2.0 70W Wooden w/microSD Black

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– 2-way bass reflex
– Professional MDF wood cabinet
– Direct input for USB flash memories – SD Card
– Integrated Mp3 file player
– Playback control, forward/backward/pause
– Side controls for volume / tone treble and bass
– Connectable to Tablets, PC smartphones, TVs, media players
– One stereo RCA Line-In input
– Total maximum power 80W
– Power supply: AC 230V 50Hz
– Dimensions: 14.5(W) x 19.5(H) x 24(D) cm
– Weight: 3.4Kg (Master) – 2.2Kg (Satellite)

The Trevi AVX 575 BT 2.1 Amplified Speaker Set with Subwoofer consists of a pair of audio speakers with a compact wooden cabinet ideal for amplifying audio, music and sound effects.

With a 2-way bass reflex system and a total power of 70W, Trevi’s speakers guarantee quality listening. Thanks to the wireless Bluetooth wireless connection, they easily connect to smartphones, tablets, computers and TVs for. In addition, they also play MP3 files from USB flash memories and MicroSD cards and are equipped with 2 stereo RCA inputs and a headphone jack .

The Set of 2.1 Amplified Speakers with Trevi AVX 575 BT with Subwoofer is powered by a power cable and can also be managed remotely thanks to the special full control remote control supplied.

More Info: https://www.trevi.it/catalog/ENG/articolo/232-outlet-various-products/vuxmxbdhfc-avx-575-bt-coppaltopamplif-70w-bt-nero.html

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