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VIVAX COOL, air conditioners, ACP-09CH25AEYI – inv., 2.93kW

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ACP-09CH25GENI, Cooling capacity 2600 W, Greening capacity3000 W, Ecological gas R410A, cooling energy class A ++, greening energy class A ++, EER coefficient 4.3, SEER coefficient 7.5, COP coefficient 3.75, SCOP coefficient 4.6, estimated load for time on green 3, sound level during standard conditions (UJ) 20 dB, sound level during standard conditions (VJ) 60 dB, Functionalities I feel function, turbo mode, auto mode , auto restart, ionizer, self-diagnosis of defects, sleep mode, soft start, timer, Other LCD screen, LED screen, active carbon filter, bio filter, dust filter, Air flow 720 m3 / h, Dehumidification capacity1,4 l / h, Bučava – UJ 20 dB (A), Bučava – VJ 52 dB (A), Operating area -30 ° C? T? 54 ° C

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CE – Climate
Maximum cooling capacity: 4,158
Cooling capacity [kV]: 2.64 KW
Minimum cooling capacity: 0.999
Maximum heating capacity: 6,999
Minimum heating capacity: 0.753
Heating capacity [kV]: 4.102 KW
Ecological gas: R32
Cooling energy class: A +++
Heating energy class: A +++
EER coefficient: 0
SEER coefficient: 9.2
COP coefficient: 0
SCOP coefficient: 5.3
Predicted load at hla: 2.4
Estimated load at g: 2.4
Sound volume at standard: 58 DB
Sound volume at standard: 59 DB
Functionalities: Turbo mode Golden fin ECO mode Motion detector 1W Stand by I feel function – Follow me Automatic mode Night mode Auto swing Memory of last mode Error detection and display 24h Timer Hidden digital display Bio filter Dust filter Noiseless control Cold catalyst filter Function self- cleaning Compressor heater Capacitor heater Energy saving function Low voltage start-up Valve protection cover
Other: bio filter dust filter active carbon filter
Cooling input force [V]: 483 W
Heating inlet force [V]: 834 W
Air flow [m3 / h]: 545 m3 / h
Dehumidification capacity [l / h: 1 L / hr
Noise – UJ [dB (A)]: 30 dBA
Noise – VJ [dB (A)]: 58 dBA
Operating range: -32≤T≤30
Range of work on cooling: -32≤T≤50
Liquid phase pipe diameter: 1/4
Gas phase pipe diameter: 3/8
Max. pipe length: 25
Max. height difference: 10
Preloaded pipe length: 5
Refrigerant refill: 12
Outdoor unit bracket distance: 514
Net dimensions – width: 895
Net dimensions – height: 298
Net dimensions – depth: 248
Net weight: 49.4
Device type: Inverter Wall mono split unit
Device color: White
Warranty period: 36


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