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VIVAX COOL, air conditioners, ACP-18CH50AERI R32

625.00 EUR

Check out why Vivax air conditioners are the best-selling in Croatia. The Rdesign series represents the best ratio of invested and obtained in the entire air conditioning market. Special 3D inverter technology enables significant energy savings, quiet operation and long-lasting quality. The indoor unit has a filter and ionizer, which makes it extremely suitable for people sensitive to air pollution, while the outdoor unit has compressor and condenser heaters, making it extremely efficient in heating mode. All this in energy class A ++ in cooling and A + in heating. If you want to control your air conditioner at any time, a WiFi module is available in the package, with which you can expand the functions of this device. In addition to turning the mobile application on and off, set a timer, find out in which mode it works and diagnose a potential malfunction.

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CE – Climate
Maximum cooling capacity: 6,154
Cooling capacity [kV]: 5.28 KW
Minimum cooling capacity: 1,846
Maximum heating capacity: 6.8
Minimum heating capacity: 1,377
Heating capacity [kV]: 5.57 KW
Ecological gas: R32
Cooling energy class: A ++
Heating energy class: A +
EER coefficient: 0
SEER coefficient: 6.4
COP coefficient: 0
SCOP coefficient: 4
Estimated load at g: 3.9
Sound volume at standard: 57 DB
Sound volume at standard: 64 DB
Functionalities: Turbo mode Ionizer
Other: LED screen bio filter dust filter flat front grille
Cooling input force [V]: 1547 W
Heating input force [V]: 1500 W
Air flow [m3 / h]: 750 m3 / h
Dehumidification capacity [l / h: 1.8 L / hr
Noise – UJ [dB (A)]: 42 dBA
Noise – VJ [dB (A)]: 57 dBA
Operating range: -20≤T≤30
Range of work on cooling: -15≤T≤50
Liquid phase pipe diameter: 1/4
Gas phase pipe diameter: 1/2
Max. pipe length: 30
Max. height difference: 20
Preloaded pipe length: 5
Refrigerant refill: 12
Outdoor unit bracket distance: 514
Net dimensions – width: 965
Net dimensions – height: 319
Net dimensions – depth: 215
Net weight: 47.8
Device type: Inverter
Device color: White

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