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Speaker Sony Home Audio System w/ Bluetooth GTK-XB60 Blue

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Speaker Sony Home Audio System w/ Bluetooth GTK-XB60 Blue


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Model : GTKXB60L
– Equipped with Bluetooth and NFC
– EXTRA BASS Technology
– LED Speaker Illumination
– USB + RCA Input/Output
– Two-Way Flexible Setup
– LDAC Support
– Connect Multiple Speakers Together
– ClearAudio+ Technology
– One-Box Design for Portability
-The power to party anywhere, with a rechargeable battery
The built-in rechargeable battery powers your party for 14 hours with the speaker lights off, and the volume turned to level 17.
Even at full volume with EXTRA BASS™ and lighting on, you can party for 3 hours.
If you’re running low, just activate stamina mode to make your battery last longer (up to 4.5 hrs).
-Add extra speakers without extra wires
Enjoy the same song with Wireless Party Chain. Connect up to 10 compatible wireless speakers via Bluetooth® technology and synchronise the music and lighting, so everyone’s dancing to the same beat.
-The GTK-XB60 showcases several listener-friendly features, including EXTRA BASS technology, which provides a deeper, punchier bass, and LDAC support for transmitting enhanced audio.
-Main Unit Dimensions (WxHxDcm)(Approx.): 264 x 552 x 272mm
-Weight (kg)(Approx.): 8kg
Warranty: 12 months


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